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Editorial Submissions

If you have news to share, please contact the Uniquely Minnesota® editorial team at: editors@uniquelyminnesota.com. We welcome all press releases and emails, but are only able to respond if we plan to use the item and need further information.

Uniquely Minnesota® Seeks Stories of Notable Minnesotans

Minnesotans Encouraged to Share their Stories of Doing Distinctive Things, Launching Businesses, or Giving Back

Minnesotans have won Olympic gold medals, the Oscar, the Grammy, and the Super Bowl; we’ve invented life-saving medical treatments; and we were the first to suggest the Peace Corp and that the United States should set the goal to go to the moon.

Uniquely Minnesota® wants to hear and tell your story.  Whether you, or someone you know, has an unusual skill, has done something distinctive, operates a notable business, has an interesting family story or has created a new invention, we want to tell your story. Submit your story or another notable Minnesotan you know to: editors@uniquelyminnesota.com.

Minnesotans invented water skiing, snowmobiling, the supercomputer, the seat belt and the “black box.” And you can credit Minnesotans for everything from the Nerf ball, to the thermostat to the Milky Way candy bar. Uniquely Minnesota® seeks to find yet to be discovered stories of notable Minnesotans. What new notable person will be featured by Uniquely Minnesota®?

Minnesotans continue launching businesses, giving back in their communities, writing books, and working in unusual jobs and working unusually in regular jobs. We want to honor these unsung heroes of our great State – submit your story today!

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